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Thank you for condolences after the tragedy in Smolensk

We wish to thank all National Movements and individual people that sent us their condolences, prayers and thoughts after the aircrash in Smolensk (Russia), where Polish delegation with President Lech Kaczynski were killed. They were on the route to a commemoration of the massacre of more than 20,000 Polish prisoners of war by Soviet security services in Katyn Forest in 1940.
We received condolences from:
Martin Meiβner
President World Aliance of YMCAs

Johan Vilhelm Eltvik
Secretary General YMCA Europe

Viktor Serbulov
President of  Ukraine YMCA

Zurab Bokuchava
National Board Chairman YMCA Georgia

Gela Chikhradze
National Secretary YMCA Georgia

Mgr. et Mgr. Michael Erdinger
generální sekretář YMCA v ČR

Aruna Shantha Nonis
President - National Council of YMCAs of Sri Lanka

Ene Roos
Board of Estonian YWCA-YMCA

Revaz Shavladze
Program Development Secretary YMCA Georgia

Viktor Iliev
YMCA Bitola, Macedonia

Amir Morozov
Kiiv, Ukraina

Stefan Balogh
Banska Bystrica, Słowacja

Dr Kamil Zitek
Praha, Czeska Republika

Thank you for your support at this difficult time!


Young Men's Christian Association