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20 years of Come Together - Leaders' Meeting

From 2nd to 5th of August, an international leaders' meeting took place in Krakow. Reason of the meeting was the 20th anniversary of the cooperation between the YMCA in Krakow and Evangelisches Jugendwerk in Öhringen.

In 1992, leaders of the YMCA of Krakow and the EJÖ in Öhringen met for the first time at the staff conference in Kassel. Since that time, both organisations were organizing many international youth activities together and with partners of other countries. Regarding the 20th year of this cooperation 19 leaders from different countries were meeting to reflect the past years, thinking about the present situation and making plans for the future activities within that partnership. The group included 7 people from Poland, 7 from Germany, including 2 volunteers from Slovakia who spend 1 year in t EJÖ Öhringen and 5 from Belarus. In different working sessions, they evaluated the past, looked up the motivations young people have to go to international activities and find criteria for good international programs. Apart from that, they planned concrete future activities. After the sessions, there was some time to get to know each other, the city of Krakow and a little bit about mutual Polish-German history, by visiting places like Schindler's factory or the Jewish quarter.

In this successful meeting, participants could learn once more about the different cultures, coming closer together and not at last have a lot of fun together.


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