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Come Together in Gdynia 2007

Nineteen young people from Germany and Poland spent nine days together at the Polish Baltic Sea.

After an exhausting flight from Frankfurt/Hahn to Gdansk, eleven young Germans from the Evangelischen Jugendwerk Oehringen between 16 and 21 years looked forward to seeing the train from Krakow arrive. At the station of Gdyina, they were waiting for eight young Polish people from the YMCA Krakow to spend nine days full of experience together. Arriving at the YMCA-House in Gdynia, they moved into their rooms and went to see the beautiful beach at the Baltic Sea. First contacts and friendships were formed while swimming and playing volleyball together.

The main topic "Protecting nature and ecology" was the reason for many discussions and presentations in the group. The young people had to speak English and therefore could improved their knowledge. The organisation of the discussions was in the hand of two of the four leaders. To illustrate the problems of the topic, the participants visited places like the half-island Hel, the aquarium of Gdynia and made a trip to the Slowinski National Park. The daytrips were fascinating experiences for the whole group. From colourful fish up to giant dunes and seals which are in danger of becoming extinct, there were a lot of things to discover.

After such trips a bistro near the hostel provided good food to regain energy. Typical Polish meals were to be found on the menu. Visiting Gdansk and Sopot, the group did not forget about culture. A tourist guide explained the historical background of the city of Gdansk. The young people spent most of their evenings in the YMCA-House or at the beach. They also organized a German and a Polish evening. These evenings were full of fun and everybody learnt more about the culture of the other group.

All in all, the camp was a time, were the young people could collect great new experiences and had a lot of fun together.

The camp was a part of co-operation programme Come Together started in 1992. We are sending our thanks to the Foundation for German-Polish Youth Cooperation (DPJW/PNWM) for supporting our camp.

written by Anne, Bettina and Jule


Young Men's Christian Association