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European Youth Conference in Öhringen

In 3-8 June 2008 ten young people from "Polska YMCA" (five from Cracow and five from Tęgoborze), took part in the European Youth Conference in Öhringen. We actually came to Öhringen 2 days before the conference (1st June) to meet people from Evangelisches Jugendwerk Öhringen. We were living in a local day-room called Martin Luther House. Those two days we spent generally going sightseeing for example in Schwäbisch Hall. There were also magnificent, bonding events: barbecue, watching our presentations and cooking together! This time let us get to know each other.

When the conference started we had to split up and go to our host families. Living with Germans was a very interesting experience. Each of us was living in different parts of Öhringen. Days during the conference were similar. In the mornings we were going for trips for example to Audi factory or to a farm where bio-fuel is produced. In the afternoons we had discussions in small groups. In these groups we were preparing to present our results and statements for a plenary discussion in the conference center called Kultura. Our statements have been going to be sent to the European Union Parliament. After the whole day of hard work we could relax on evening activities. Unfortunately, once because of the weather we could not have a party in the modern swimming pool, but instead of it we had some games in the sports centre. There also was such a marvelous cover music gig that nobody will ever forget! While gala-dinner the weather was not good, so we had to move to underground car park. There we showed our presentations about our cities and countries. It was the best night on this conference.

We have met about 120 people from 11 different European countries. We had been practicing our languages skills every day. We could work together with capable and sociable people which had organized the conference. We hope that we will meet again soon!

written by Dominik, Klaudia, Olga, Tomek

More pictures and some interesting statements are available on


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