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2009-02-27    3rd Krakow Distance Championship in Swimming
444 children and youngsters participated in 3rd Krakow Distance Championship in Swimming organized by YMCA-Krakow during the winter holidays 2009.   more  >>
2008-08-09    YMCA Europe Festival w Prague
28 young people from Polish YMCA have participated in YMCA Europe Festival w Prague. Most of them support the festival team working as a volunteers (eg. in First Aid Team or Security Team). For all of them the festival was a great experience and a great time.   more  >>
2008-06-08    European Youth Conference in Öhringen
10 young people from YMCA-Krakow and YMCA-Tegoborze took part in the European Youth Conference in Öhringen, Germany. Together with 120 other young people from 11 different European countries, they thought about the future of European Union.   more  >>
2007-09-01    Come Together in Gdynia 2007
Nineteen young people from Germany and Poland spent nine days together in Gdynia at the Polish Baltic Sea. The main topic "Protecting nature and ecology" was the reason for many discussions and presentations in the group. The camp was a part of co-operation programme "Come Together" started in 1992.   more  >>
2007-06-06    Your voice within the European Institutions
Malgorzata Dabrowska and Rafal Kusa from Polish YMCA took part in YMCA Europe and Council of Europe study session "Your voice within European Institutions". The aims of the session was to equip young people from different European countries to represent the views of their peers in the structures and programmes of the Europe Institutions and to increase the participation of young people in the international bodies. The session took place in European Youth Centre in Strasbourg.   more  >>
2006-11-15    EAY Meeting in Krakow
Members of EAY Executive Committee, Movement Development Group, Field Group Belarus and Field Group Russia met in Krakow in 2-5 November 2006. 45 people from 13 European YMCAs and the YMCA of the U.S.A. took part in the meeting. Beside working-meetings, participants visited YMCA-House in Krakow.   more  >>
2006-06-02    EAY General Assembly
Adam Goncerz, General Secretary of Polish YMCA and Rafal Kusa, Secretary of Department of International Cooperation took part in General Assemby of European Alliance of YMCAs (EAY) in Albufeira (Portugal) in 24-28 May 2006.   more  >>
2004-09-10    Medal for Johan Vilhelm Eltvik
9th of September, 2004, Johan Vilhelm Eltvik, General Secretary of European Alliance of YMCAs (EAY), received Medal of Merit from the President of Poland "for outstanding services to Poland and Poles". We congratulate Johan Vilhelm with this great honour!   more  >>
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