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Leadership and Volunteering
The Polish YMCA owes its existence in large to the active role being played by its vibrant group of volunteers. At the very beginning there was a small group of workers hired for full time positions. A lot of other people who generously donated their time performed the rest of the work. This situation has persisted until today. We have a sizeable group of young as well as older more experienced members of YMCA. There are events that are being held on a regular basis in YMCA's facilities and many of them bring more valuable human resources into the movement. The new freshmen often work with youth during summer and winter camps. During shorter breaks they organise many social, cultural and sporting activities. Seniors are an integral part of the YMCA family and they organise numerous educational excursions and take active part in training new leaders. They play an active role in management as well as the logistical organisation of the association. The strong commitment and dedication of senior members of Polish YMCA, ensured that the movement was reactivated in 1990 and soon after received most of its facilities.

There are regular meetings and seminars that bring together leaders from different YMCA branches.

One of the most senior members of the Polish YMCA - dr. Stanislaw Czarniecki most accurately describes the value of a volunteer's work: "Building the foundation of human character comes not through unfocused impulses or boring speeches but through planning and realisation of ideas that were dreamed by volunteers. Real work is of the essence, not theory. The value of work performed by volunteers is not only because it has not been paid for (free labour), but because it has been accomplished by free, unconstrained spirit. There is the principle of good will and there are external conditions that are conducive for individual creative expression. Some of the more important ingredient which makes volunteer's work very successful are: own initiative, work management, feeling of independence. You simply cannot teach volunteers how to work. You can only inspire in him or her active fondness".

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