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Sport and Health
One of the first campaigns organised by Polish YMCA was care for health and proper physical development of young Polish people. They were taught personal hygiene, they were given opportunity to use baths and, during their leisure time at YMCA, they received milk and rolls. Polish YMCA many times organised actions for the benefit of street children, taking care both of feeding them and their health.

Body is one of the elements of the YMCA equilateral triangle, and the care of body is, according to YMCA ideals, as important as the care of mental and spiritual development. That is why in its initial activity YMCA tried to provide gym halls, sport fields and swimming pools for the youth it took care of. The swimming pool in the building of Polish YMCA in Cracow was the first facility of this type in Poland. YMCA promoted in Poland such sports as basketball and volleyball, which were YMCA inventions. Currently, YMCA not only organises its own sporting events, but its representatives participate in national and international competitions as well. The first Polish Olympic medal winner was an YMCA member!!! Currently, many YMCA representatives participate in higher-level sports events and win medals for example in the World Karate Championship, Polish Triathlon Championship or Polish Swimming Competition.

Each of the YMCA centres invites young people to its numerous sports sections. These are, obviously basketball and volleyball, but also swimming, karate, triathlon, orienteering, football, table tennis, snooker, chess, bridge.

Every autumn, since 1996 volleyball tournaments SIATA takes place in YMCA-Krakow - young people from most YMCA's in Poland compete, often with our neighbours from abroad.

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