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International Co-operation
YMCA is an international organisation that counts international co-operation as one of its founding principles. The Polish YMCA came into existence due to the strong logistical and financial support from the American YMCA. A number of the Polish YMCA management personnel were trained in the USA. The Polish YMCA has always strived to maintain international contacts with other YMCA's.

Many international camps were organised in YMCA camps Beskid and Wieżyca before WWII. During the summer of 1927 Polish members took part and achieved great success in YMCA Olympiad in Copenhagen. Polish members were invited by: Estonians, Latvians, Fins, Hungarians, Czechoslovakians, Swiss, Swedish, English, Americans, Canadians.

We are currently are part of a network that frequently organises international camps, seminars and meetings. Young members of Polish YMCA work as counsellors in the camps in US (ICCP). They participate in many programmes of youth exchange with European YMCAs and other youth organisations.

The YMCA's international co-operative links plays a vital role in the movement's development through: sharing ideas, exchanging different points of view with foreign partners, enlarging horizons, developing characters, teaching teamwork. It provides an opportunity to visit foreign countries and come into contact with diverse cultures.

Polish YMCA is a member of European Alliance of YMCAs and World Alliance of YMCAs.

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