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Education and Personal Growth
One of the main priorities of Polish YMCA has always been education directed at young people. Originally every branch of YMCA maintained a library. The very first active members of the movement were people from many diverse backgrounds: scientific, education and artistic institutions. They were professors of local universities, scientists, poets, ministers of education and social care.   more  >>
Leadership and Volunteering
The Polish YMCA owes its existence in large to the active role being played by its vibrant group of volunteers. At the very beginning there was a small group of workers hired for full time positions. A lot of other people who generously donated their time performed the rest of the work.   more  >>
The first YMCA camp was organised in Kasinka Mala where YMCA leased out a plot of land in 1924. Altogether 128 boys spent their vacation in the camp; they slept in tents and prepared their own meals.   more  >>
Sport and Health
One of the first campaigns organised by Polish YMCA was care for health and proper physical development of young Polish people. They were taught personal hygiene, they were given opportunity to use baths and, during their leisure time at YMCA, they received milk and rolls. Polish YMCA many times organised actions for the benefit of street children, taking care both of feeding them and their health.   more  >>
International Co-operation
YMCA is an international organisation that counts international co-operation as one of its founding principles. The Polish YMCA came into existence due to the strong logistical and financial support from the American YMCA. A number of the Polish YMCA management personnel were trained in the USA. The Polish YMCA has always strived to maintain international contacts with other YMCA's.   more  >>
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