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Summer volunteer work in YMCA of Gothenburg ( Sweden )


"Interpoint" is the youth hostel and annual summer project of Gothenburg YMCA (KFUM i Göteborg). The youth hostel is run by international staff. Every year, from the end of June till the middle of August " Interpoint " staff works on providing inexpensive but comfortable lodging for travelers. At the same time the international staff is getting new experience from working and communication in multicultural team and enjoying their time in Gothenburg, in Sweden.

In 2007, "Interpoint" starts on June 27 and ends on August 20. We need 12 volunteers for our staff in total, so we can take 2 or 3 volunteers from your National or local YMCA (It is not compulsory to be a YMCA member but we need a recommendation (support) letter from your organization, university or employer).

The volunteers will work in two shifts, four weeks each. The first shift starts on June 27 and ends on July 24, the second one lasts from July 23 till August 20. Volunteers can choose the shift.

Our staff does not get any salary, but they receive:

free board and lodging;
70% reimbursement of their travel expenses (in case of the cheapest way of traveling) but not more than 250 EURO;
free city transportation during the whole shift;
free excursions with the staff, both local and country-wide (for example, we used to go to Denmark and to the biggest aqua park in Sweden "Sommarland").
one day off a week, but it’s more likely to be two days off a week.
Entrance free of charge at "Liseberg", the big amusement park in Gothenburg

Basic requirements to volunteers
- to be over 18 years old
- ability to communicate in English
- to have a recommendation letter
- readiness to work in an international team

As a volunteer in "Interpoint" Youth Hostel, you are expected to help make our guests as comfortable as possible. All kinds of duties concerning the hostel may occur.

All staff works in shifts for eight hours a day, max five days a week.

"Interpoint" staff is one team, and it is very important to us to have good relations between us. We share our international culture through cooking national food and organizing "national" evenings. We had volunteers from Madrid and Granada ( Spain ), and they prepared very interesting "Spanish Evening". Volunteers from Kaliningrad ( Russia ) presented their city, and a volunteer from Moscow ( Russia ) made an unforgettable photo presentation with taste of Russian pancakes.

We used to have staff from Sweden , Russia , Spain , Ukraine , USA , Scotland , Belarus.

We think this year we will go on using this unique opportunity to get to know about different countries, cultures and traditions from people who live there.

As you can see, "Interpoint" is a program for young people, who are interested in Sweden and other countries as well as in getting experience of work in international YMCA team. We will be happy to see a volunteer who is interested in spending part of their summer time in Sweden for getting new experience through work and communication. The "Interpoint" can be a good opportunity to meet different needs.

Deadline for applying is 19th of April 2007

If you are interested, please contact us.
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