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Community Activists Network - Volunteer in the Balkans


· The Community Activists Network (CAN) is an SCI SAVA and Balkan Sunflowers project welcoming two groups of 10 EVS-supported volunteers to work primarily in Kosovo. Each group will volunteer for 9 months. There will also be one placement in Macedonia.

· Volunteers will mostly live with a host family. Some will live in a city, others in villages.

· There are ten different programs and partners. These programs include work with children, with Roma groups, with university political science students, with a city arts and culture project, a women’s organization, education, a film festival project, … for example. So there are a variety of different kinds of opportunities.

· Goals are both working with marginalized and disadvantaged groups - and leveraging our work to achieve maximum impact.

· The project description is posted on the BSF website at, in the "What We Do" section.

· Balkan Sunflowers is coordinating implementation and work with receiving organizations, including training, monitoring, hosting concerns, and volunteer support.


· Of course, it is great to find people with relevant skills- but also we want to encourage anyone interested to apply.

· The program will emphasize developing and using activist skills in all the different postings - building participation, enthusiasm, commitment, etc.

· The old Youth Programme rules apply: we will accept ages 21-25. Stipend is € 120, etc.


· There will be a one-month on-arrival training program at the beginning of the project - then 8 months on the project.

· The one-month program will include intensive language work. We intend to give all the volunteers enough of a foundation in a local language in that one month to get along at a basic level and continue learning and become comfortable using the language.

· The on-arrival program will also include modules to introduce many themes related to the project work: network building, community work, development perspectives, "do no harm", volunteerism, etc.


More information can be found at in the "What We Do" section.

Starting date: 1 May 2007!!

If you are interested, please contact us:
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